Priscilla A. San Juan, PhD candidate

Priscilla A. San Juan

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I am currently a PhD student in Tadashi Fukami's lab at Stanford University. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and a minor in Global Sustainability at the University of California, Irvine. Broadly, I am interested in understanding the processes that shape the gut microbiome, particularly how human-mediated disturbances, impact these communities in wildlife hosts. I am currently examining the effects of land use change, captivity, migration, and disease on avian gut microbial communities. I integrate field, molecular, and computational methods in my work.

I am fortunate to be funded by the Ford Foundation as a predoctoral fellow, as well as, by Stanford VPGE as a DARE Fellow. If these fellowships are of interest to you, I am always happy to chat/help.

Currently, browsing postdoc opportunities! :) I am interested in molecular ecology, community ecology, conservation, and microbiome research. I am always excited to learn something new and enthusiastic about working with researchers with diverse backgrounds in various fields.